Now we are 12! Society for Longitudinal and Lifecourse Studies is now a member of the Consortium! We welcome them!

Following our successful meetings at SRCD in March, the assembled group voted to proceed with member-based governance. Here are the next steps to be accomplished by each member society:

  • Formal approval of ICDSS governance plan
  • Identification of member society representative

Thanks to all of the organizations who have completed these steps! The Secretariat will then follow up with steps needed prior to the election of ICDSS officers.



ICDSS promotes global developmental science as it seeks to understand contexts, processes, and outcomes of development across the lifespan with the ultimate goal of optimizing human potential.
ICDSS currently includes 11 developmental science societies that represent developmental scientists across the globe.

Recent SRA Presidents -  Bi-annual meeting April 2018
Recent SRA Presidents - Bi-annual meeting April 2018

ICDSS has three overarching goals:

To assemble and disseminate research of relevance to global policy as well as to demonstrate the importance of developmental science to the public, for better understanding life.

To share lessons learned on the management of developmental science societies; and

To facilitate collaborative developmental research across topics and age groups

Are you an individual?

We have built a strong partnership with HDIN to provide individuals with the resources needed to collaborate on global intervention research.