ICDSS was founded in December 2012 at a meeting held at Schloss Marbach, Germany and funded by the Jacobs Foundation, Zurich, Switzerland.

The second meeting took place at the SRCD biennial meeting, April 2013, that took place in Seattle, WA.

The third meeting took place at the SRA biennial meeting, March, 2014, that took place in Austin, TX.

Anne Petersen, University of Michigan, USA and Rainer Silbereisen, University of Jena, Germany, chaired these meetings.

Since then member societies have hosted (invited) symposia at their biennial meetings which represent, present and promote the goals and work of ICDSS.

In 2015 Anne Petersen, University of Michigan, USA, along with Rainer Silbereisen, University of Jena, Germany, received a small grant from SRCD to hold a consensus conference.

Consensus Conference

The consensus conference was hosted by Marcel vanAken in Utrecht,  Netherlands, February 2017. It was supported by the SRCD grant and financial contributions from some of the other member societies.

The three topics addressed at the conference were:
(a) trauma following disaster and conflict,
(b) migration and immigration, and
(c) climate change effects on human development.

The consensus conference addressed two ICDSS goals:
(a) to facilitate collaborative developmental research across topics and age groups and
(b) to assemble and disseminate research of relevance to global policy.

Working groups from the consensus conference each developed policy briefs and are working on articles. Research the consensus conference was presented at an invited symposium, chaired by  Marcel van Aken and Anne Petersen, at the ISSBD 2018 conference, Gold Coast, Australia.

Are you an individual?

We have built a strong partnership with HDIN to provide individuals with the resources needed to collaborate on global intervention research.